SIBUKA Media is a subsidiary of SIBUKA Company Limited, a company incorporated on 20th April 2004 to run a community-based radio, SIBUKA FM. The radio went on air on 5th July 2004 from its base station at Maswa, now SIMIYU Region (formerly Shinyanga). In June 2006, the radio was upgraded to a district category before being further upgraded to regional licensed category in June 2010.

In September 2009, SIBUKA Media incorporated TV SIBUKA which went on air on November 18th2010 through Star Times Media Multiplex and satellite W2A and thus became the first local channel on terrestrial digital platform. On 1st October 2013, TV SIBUKA was converted to SIBUKA Maisha and effectively became the first local pay channel on terrestrial television platform in Tanzania.Uniquely the channel projects local Kiswahili movies and drama, commonly known as “Bongo Movies” daily, thus empowering local artists and promoting Tanzania culture and values nationally and internationally.

Top programmes on SIBUKA Maisha include educational and inspirational Maarifa Elimu, Maarifa Afya, Maarifa Mazingira and Maarifa Sheria; talk shows, great speeches, history, Gospel and Islamic programmes, African and Country music and tele-shopping interaction..

The Mission

  • To provide quality media empowering contents for all ages.
  • To become a leading empowering broadcasting media in Eastern Africa by 2020.

National Coverage

Radio SIBUKA FM coverage extends from its Maswa base station (97.0 Mhz) to nine booster stations across the country. These are Shinyanga (104.9 Mhz), Bukoba ( 92.6 Mhz), Mwanza (95.5 Mhz), Chalinze/Coast (94.0 Mhz), Kasulu/Kigoma ( 97.6 Mhz ), Mbeya ( 97.6 Mhz), Mtwara ( 96.2 Mhz), Dodoma (92.0 Mhz) and Arusha (104.6 Mhz). Some of these boosters are yet to be switched on.
SIBUKA Maisha through Star Times Media Multiplex provides digital TV contents for viewers in Dar es Salaam, Coast, Mwanza, Arusha, Iringa, Zanzibar, Tanga, Moshi, Morogoro and Dodoma regions in Tanzania. By end of 2013, SIBUKA Maisha will add Tabora, Singida, Bukoba and Musoma townships in its territory. There are more than 500,000 household StarTimes operating decoders in Tanzania and projected to exceed 1,000,000 by 2015. SIBUKA Maisha is the most favourite channel on StarTimes DTH platform.

In September 2018, Sibuka Company extended its services to cater for online e-commerce and stock footage merchandise of its TV and Radio Service programmes. and video clips and content for documentaries, research, news and other commercial and non-commercial purposes.